Thursday, October 10, 2019

 I suggest that PG&E (the Northern California power company pushed into bankruptcy by fire damage claims) has had issues, for years, because, in order to last this long in a decadent, declining, one (Democrat) party government-ruled state, the company chose to be conformed to the Ecoleftcoastian "value" system, in which, if you haven't noticed, actually doing the maintenance is pretty far down the list of priorities.

 I mean, who can signal the virtue of saving the world by doing the maintenance? No one gets excited by fixing the leaks, replacing rusty old pipes, and clearing brush. Could a 16 year old girl from Sweden become world famous, and be invited to speak, passionately, at the UN, about the importance of doing chores? Did Gavin Newsom rise, from a family of janitors, to fame, and to the governorship of California, starting, as a tiny tyke, with mowing the lawns in the neighborhood with such excellence that everyone could just take it for granted that the lawns would be perfect?

 It's just not the way to fame and fortune, or to advancement, or even being noticed, in the bureaucracy. Maintenance men don't rise to the top, or even reliably keep their jobs, in a culture which is in this condition, and companies where they do won't retain the favor of the coastal elite class. The importance of doing maintenance is not a message our ruling class finds pleasing to hear, especially from those who actually do maintenance. Ask me how I know.


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