Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Someone Has Asked What Trump's Legacy Will Be

I guess it might be: He pushed back.

BTW, has everyone forgotten the context of recent events? The same "thought leaders" of our new Democrat ascendancy who spent the entire summer of last year legitimizing rioting in the streets on behalf of "change" now wax histrionic in their paroxysms of delegitimization of those who dare "counter punch", even slightly, in kind.

They tell us that if BLM/Antifa burn down city blocks, we dare not expect the Democrats to decry criminal behavior, but if a few of the thousands of people daring to push back against those demanding "change" by demonstrating at the Capitol violate the rules and force their way into the Capitol building itself, without burning down anything, we dare not wait for evidence, and understanding, before proclaiming President Trump, and anyone who dared to vote for him, enemies of the state.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Powering tech life is droll, powering Leftcoastian tech life, doubly so.

I've been working, for a while, on a solar panel and battery system for my old utility van, which typically parks in a sunny spot near my office, because with it, I can kill two birds with one stone:

1. The preferred parking spot for my old van is sunny, and oriented such that that early afternoon sun comes directly in the windshield. I felt the need for a way to keep the van from heating up in the summer which didn't require my repeatedly unfolding and folding those silly shades that go behind the windshield. Solar panels in front of the windshield (only when the van is parked, of course) can do that.

2. Solar panels, keeping a separate 24V battery system topped off, together with inverters and such, will provide a convenient way to use my electric kettle to make a cup of tea (and power other devices requiring electricity) unhindered by the power failures here in PG&E country, which have occurred, from time to time, and seems likely to occur more frequently in the near future.

So I do have justification for straining my own meager budget to accommodate the (fairly ridiculous) added cost of my own small contribution to "renewables".

California secretly struggles with renewables

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Deranged Democrats are upset. They need to calm down, instead of declaring open season on anyone who dares to doubt progressive "progress" toward "change".

I say we're not living in the Twilight Zone, exactly, but we are, perhaps, in the Outer Limits.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

The wicked assume that their best offense is composed of many pointing fingers, all projecting.

A place where I used to work (in manufacturing) was acquired. So we had meetings, with the division which was now in charge of us. And more meetings. One day, we had an all hands, and a jolly fat man came to tell us how essential  our operations were, and that we need not fear for our jobs. Not long after, we got the news that we would be shut down, laid off, and all operations transferred south. Only essential employees (about 7 of over 50, IIRC) would be offered a chance to keep their job by moving south. I was one of the 7 offered that opportunity, but I declined (I didn't want to work for liars).

So, we packed operations up, for the move south. I was technical supervisor (not a boss, but the designer of test systems) on the final test line. The test technicians came to me, asking, "what do we do to sabotage things?" I said "Nothing. I know these guys. I've been down there helping them when they got stuck. If you do everything you can do to help them, they _will_ screw it up, you will have your revenge, and your conscience will be clear."

It happened that I was re-hired in another part of the same company later, giving me the opportunity to learn that I had become infamous down south for the genius of my sabotage.

Friday, November 13, 2020

A Change in 1980

In 1980, I discovered that leftism was lying. So I re-registered Republican, and voted for Ronald Reagan. Later, I cut my hair. That was an interesting day. Two interesting days, I guess:

1. I was sitting in a coffee roasting plant in a college town (where I worked as a technical expert), talking politics with a college boy, when I noticed he was becoming very upset. So upset he began to look as if he might have a stroke right there in front of me. Literally red-faced. So, I decided I had work to do, but I reflected upon the conversation, and college boy's visible distress, later. I decided that it might have been due, in part, to the cognitive dissonance produced by a visibly long-haired hippy explaining the importance of voting for Reagan. I concluded that it would be a cruelty to my fellow man to go about inflicting such distress, so...

2. I found a barbershop, and walked in. The barber gave me a "a look" (probably the whole shop did, but I was only looking at the barber. It may help the reader to understand, I was wearing a full beard, and my hair was down to my belt), and asked "what do _you_ want?" I answered: "A haircut." He asked: "What, a trim?" I answered: "No, I want it _all_ cut.) You should have seen his face. It was like the sun came out and songbirds began to sing, sweetly, over fields of fragrant flowers. :)

And, life went on, although most days haven't been that droll.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

It reproduces by fission! Do you realize what that means?

When "the bubble" of institutional leftist chic elite groupthink life reproduces (by fission, of course, being sexless, while sex-crazed), imitating a dozen science fiction movies. And you browse the comments without noticing any which are, apparently, aware of the metaphor. And, of course, San Francisco was first.

Outdoor bubble dining in NYC

Friday, October 16, 2020

MSM at the Town Halls is a (derivative) joke

 MSM has managed to make themselves a living update of the joke Reagan used to tell about the Soviet Union-

A Republican says: "The difference between a Trump Town Hall and a Biden Town Hall is that in a Trump Town Hall, the media can say, to his face: 'Mr. President, I don't like the way you're running the country!'"

A Democrat says: "In a Biden town hall, media can do that!"

The Republican: says "Really?"

The Democrat says: "Sure! In a Biden town hall, the media can say: 'Mr. Vice President, I don't like the way Trump is running the country!'"