Friday, November 13, 2020

A Change in 1980

In 1980, I discovered that leftism was lying. So I re-registered Republican, and voted for Ronald Reagan. Later, I cut my hair. That was an interesting day. Two interesting days, I guess:

1. I was sitting in a coffee roasting plant in a college town (where I worked as a technical expert), talking politics with a college boy, when I noticed he was becoming very upset. So upset he began to look as if he might have a stroke right there in front of me. Literally red-faced. So, I decided I had work to do, but I reflected upon the conversation, and college boy's visible distress, later. I decided that it might have been due, in part, to the cognitive dissonance produced by a visibly long-haired hippy explaining the importance of voting for Reagan. I concluded that it would be a cruelty to my fellow man to go about inflicting such distress, so...

2. I found a barbershop, and walked in. The barber gave me a "a look" (probably the whole shop did, but I was only looking at the barber. It may help the reader to understand, I was wearing a full beard, and my hair was down to my belt), and asked "what do _you_ want?" I answered: "A haircut." He asked: "What, a trim?" I answered: "No, I want it _all_ cut.) You should have seen his face. It was like the sun came out and songbirds began to sing, sweetly, over fields of fragrant flowers. :)

And, life went on, although most days haven't been that droll.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

It reproduces by fission! Do you realize what that means?

When "the bubble" of institutional leftist chic elite groupthink life reproduces (by fission, of course, being sexless, while sex-crazed), imitating a dozen science fiction movies. And you browse the comments without noticing any which are, apparently, aware of the metaphor. And, of course, San Francisco was first.

Outdoor bubble dining in NYC

Friday, October 16, 2020

MSM at the Town Halls is a (derivative) joke

 MSM has managed to make themselves a living update of the joke Reagan used to tell about the Soviet Union-

A Republican says: "The difference between a Trump Town Hall and a Biden Town Hall is that in a Trump Town Hall, the media can say, to his face: 'Mr. President, I don't like the way you're running the country!'"

A Democrat says: "In a Biden town hall, media can do that!"

The Republican: says "Really?"

The Democrat says: "Sure! In a Biden town hall, the media can say: 'Mr. Vice President, I don't like the way Trump is running the country!'"

Plan and plan what is "plan"?

This has been bugging me for a while. Democrats keep complaining that Trump has "no plan". I guess I could just assume that the word (well, most words) have no meaning for the modern (that is, operating from leftist assumptions) Democrat, who only uses words for emotional manipulation, in rhetorical warfare, but, I suspected there was more to it.

This morning, I might have had an insight- VP Biden (the apotheosis of progressive Democratism, apparently) is seeing the lack of a "plan", of a particular type: a type he can crib from. A step by step procedure to criticize parts of and plagiarize others, to restate with more "feeling". He can't easily do that with the plans of a man like Trump, who doesn't spend a lot of time writing down and publishing every step, far into the (hypothetical) future, presumably because he knows that "no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy". Anyone who actually _does_ anything (which is not _very_ cut and dried) in the real world knows that it doesn't pay to spend too much time on the plan, since it will have to be altered repeatedly- if you spend all your time updating plans, you won't get much done.

I submit that VP Biden is not a person who does anything in the real world, and is consequently ignorant of the style of planning Trump uses, so, his complaint that there is no plan is really an admission that he doesn't know the meaning of the word and can't see the plan that right in front of his nose, because his career has never required him to make anything but "covers", empty promises, and character assassination attempts, which require little planning.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

According to Google, I've accomplished what very few people have done.

Google doesn't say what that's worth, if anything, in cash.

This all started because I have about 5 minutes to kill while I wait for my In-N-Out hamburger, and phones, with cameras, fit in my pocket now.

Monday, September 07, 2020

The personal computer revolution has gone to the pigs.

As someone who has lived and worked in Silicon Valley high tech for most of 4 decades, and seen the leftist "change" which began at Apple, battled for the minds or youth for a while, then was overtaken by the leftist "change" led by Al Gore "taking the lead", and the arrival of "dot com" in the '90s, I think Tucker Carlson is on to something here.

Why Silicon Valley is doing all it can to help the Biden-Harris ticket

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Postman posts (manufactured) mass hysterical groupthink.

 Leftism has been spitting on first principles of American liberty for over 50 years that I can personally recall, routinely, in unsupported character assassination attempts on political enemies, who, very often, are defending just those principles against leftist attack.

Exactly what "Orwellian" describes.

"War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength

...Hollywood institutional leftist chic elite gossip war for control of opinion is education.

Kevin Costner played a postman once, so...