Sunday, December 20, 2020

The wicked assume that their best offense is composed of many pointing fingers, all projecting.

A place where I used to work (in manufacturing) was acquired. So we had meetings, with the division which was now in charge of us. And more meetings. One day, we had an all hands, and a jolly fat man came to tell us how essential  our operations were, and that we need not fear for our jobs. Not long after, we got the news that we would be shut down, laid off, and all operations transferred south. Only essential employees (about 7 of over 50, IIRC) would be offered a chance to keep their job by moving south. I was one of the 7 offered that opportunity, but I declined (I didn't want to work for liars).

So, we packed operations up, for the move south. I was technical supervisor (not a boss, but the designer of test systems) on the final test line. The test technicians came to me, asking, "what do we do to sabotage things?" I said "Nothing. I know these guys. I've been down there helping them when they got stuck. If you do everything you can do to help them, they _will_ screw it up, you will have your revenge, and your conscience will be clear."

It happened that I was re-hired in another part of the same company later, giving me the opportunity to learn that I had become infamous down south for the genius of my sabotage.


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