Monday, February 22, 2021

I think I qualify (by an objective standard, equally applied) for victim status!

If only an objective, equally applied standard could exist in the leftist mental map of the universe, and I were willing to bow to progressive Democrat tyranny, I could have a place in the line demanding reparations! And my injury is recent, and personal!

I left the progressive Democrat leftcoastian groupthink culture I was born and raised in 40 years ago, to register Republican and vote for Ronald Reagan, after I learned that essential parts of the "intellectual" foundation of the progressive Democrat belief system, for example, the "expectation" that everyone who was not an uneducated beer-swilling hick from the sticks, or otherwise "deplorable", was a progressive Democrat, were simply false.

As it happens, l had started, about 60 years ago, reading SF, mostly "hard SF" (but including a smattering of Bradbury and such), and pretty much no fiction but SF, much of it from the "golden age" (happily, as it turned out, for my ability to think independently despite having been born and raised in Leftcoastian groupthink culture). Also it happened that I was interested in technology, from low to high, and spent time learning how to work with that.

Imagine, if you will, how many times during the last 40 years I have been snootily "educated", by one of the "educated" who had discovered that I can't (in a progressive Democrat's eye) be one of the "educated" due to having an opinion which fails to conform to "educated" opinion.

Imagine, if you will, how many opportunities, in Silicon Valley, where I have lived and worked for 40 years, to apply my technical talents to building a better technical infrastructure, were never offered, because I was not properly "educated and therefore "not a good fit with the corporate culture" of "a very left-leaning place".

Apparently, I've reached the age, and level of, eh, education (in that school which groupthinking left-leaning chic elite "culture" prefers not to acknowledge), where it's fairly safe to assume that _every_ accusation coming at me from the left is projection, and every look down a scornful, left-leaning nose, directed at my lack of "education", and "success", in fact a recognition, in the attempt to deny, of an indictment of the ideology of the downward nose-looker which exists in the bare facts of my experience.

I estimate that "change" has not yet altered the world around me enough to fully resemble the Twilight Zone, but it might be enough to put me within the Outer Limits.


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