Friday, November 12, 2021

Progressives form the lynch mobs, now, and (often, though not necessarily) white kids who dare to interfere with their "woke" vision of power, are targeted for lynching.

Evidently, the prosecutor, having no case founded in fact and evidence on the charges brought against the defendant, thought it wise to attempt to put the judge on trial, for daring to make him the "target", of the judge's "ire".

Apparently, because all the fakest people, who create false impressions for a living, are telling us that we don't need due process, judge, or jury. No presumption of innocence. No proof beyond reasonable doubt. Because they feel very strongly that young Kyle is a murderer, and who do we think we are, to doubt that the "authenticity" of their feelings should convict a young man of murder? They are celebrities, who create false impressions for a living! So this prosecutor's job, as he sees it, is to make the conviction already obtained in the court of (MSM Media manufactured) public opinion, conformed to the "woke" narrative, reality, by any means necessary.

Rittenhouse prosecutors' evidence has 'disintegrated': Gregg Jarrett


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