Wednesday, March 18, 2020

If you would have liberty under law, submit to authority

The point of adding presidency to the design of US government is to have clearly defined leadership, especially at times of crisis, without tyranny (as well as to itself check the power of Congress and thus limit "tyranny of the majority", or, as in the current time, a power elite claiming to speak for the majority). But a people too proud and themselves corrupt and/or misled to submit to the Constitutional authority of a president, when he is attempting to exercise that necessary authority _must_ lose their freedom, sooner or later, because no option where they do not can exist in the real world.

My advice to the interested reader is to submit to the president's Constitutional authority even when you suppose that president personally repugnant (repugnance is in the eye of the beholder), as least as faithfully as those so often accused, during 8 years of Obama administration, of having failed to do so, in fact did, because if you will not, you risk much that you take for granted, and all of us depend on.

And I advise that you stop voting for Democrats.


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