Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Voice of The Swamp speaks. People comment.

I was a progressive Democrat, by birth and upbringing, until about 40 years ago, after discovering that an article of that faith, that only "ignorant rednecks" were conservative, was false. It then became possible for me to examine leftism critically. It didn't take much of that to decide to leave the Democrats, and register Republican. I have not had reason to doubt that decision, since.

But being Republican didn't incline me to vote for Trump. I voted for Trump, affirmatively, not just as the strongest protest against corrupt Hillary, but because of her "basket of deplorables" statement. Because, having been a Republican among progressive Democrats for about 40 years, I _knew_ what that meant. It meant their way, or the highway (and "driving is a privilege, not a right").

Some others, lacking my somewhat unusual circumstances, may also lack my insight, which, even with Hillary's help, really didn't come until more recently than 2016, that even after 40 years as a Republican, the progressive assumptions of my upbringing still warped my assessment of Trump's qualifications. That, in this, at least, I was a snob.

These guys, I hope, will bring, eh, insight to more people.

The essence of Voice of Swamp, excerpted.


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