Friday, November 13, 2020

A Change in 1980

In 1980, I discovered that leftism was lying. So I re-registered Republican, and voted for Ronald Reagan. Later, I cut my hair. That was an interesting day. Two interesting days, I guess:

1. I was sitting in a coffee roasting plant in a college town (where I worked as a technical expert), talking politics with a college boy, when I noticed he was becoming very upset. So upset he began to look as if he might have a stroke right there in front of me. Literally red-faced. So, I decided I had work to do, but I reflected upon the conversation, and college boy's visible distress, later. I decided that it might have been due, in part, to the cognitive dissonance produced by a visibly long-haired hippy explaining the importance of voting for Reagan. I concluded that it would be a cruelty to my fellow man to go about inflicting such distress, so...

2. I found a barbershop, and walked in. The barber gave me a "a look" (probably the whole shop did, but I was only looking at the barber. It may help the reader to understand, I was wearing a full beard, and my hair was down to my belt), and asked "what do _you_ want?" I answered: "A haircut." He asked: "What, a trim?" I answered: "No, I want it _all_ cut.) You should have seen his face. It was as if the sun came out and songbirds began to sing, sweetly, over fields of fragrant flowers. "OK", he said. :)

And, life went on, although most days haven't been that droll.


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