Friday, June 05, 2020

The left lies about black lives. And the police. And most other things.

Here is the proof, from 2017, that black lives don't matter to the left. Their agenda is the overthrow of the United States, by any means (including the sacrifice of as many black, or any other color, lives as) necessary. The assassin of this woman was a conspiracy theorist, a thug, and ex-con, who believed the leftist lies of "systematic racism" in the police force. Those unsupported accusations were his motive. Now, Democrats, who are, practically speaking, now synonymous with leftists, are are very quiet, or defending "protest" while a dozen more have been killed, and many more injured, already, in riots across the nation, provoked by the same lying leftist conspiracy theory.

But, not everything leftism says is
 literally false: when a leftist tells us they mean to "burn it all down", that's literally true (reading "all" as hyperbole, of course they mean to keep the "good stuff" for themselves). The lie is in the assumption that leftism has a right to do so.


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