Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Someone Has Asked What Trump's Legacy Will Be

I guess it might be: He pushed back.

BTW, has everyone forgotten the context of recent events? The same "thought leaders" of our new Democrat ascendancy who spent the entire summer of last year legitimizing rioting in the streets on behalf of "change" now wax histrionic in their paroxysms of delegitimization of those who dare "counter punch", even slightly, in kind.

They tell us that if BLM/Antifa burn down city blocks, we dare not expect the Democrats to decry criminal behavior, but if a few of the thousands of people daring to push back against those demanding "change" by demonstrating at the Capitol violate the rules and force their way into the Capitol building itself, without burning down anything, we dare not wait for evidence, and understanding, before proclaiming President Trump, and anyone who dared to vote for him, enemies of the state.


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