Saturday, February 13, 2021

Boxer is a metaphor. Read the book. It's not long.

 When I decided, on election day, 2016, to alter, not my vote, but the commitment implied by it, from the strongest possible vote against a Hillary Presidency to an affirmative vote for a Trump Presidency, and a choice to stand with "the deplorables" rather than the deplorers, I estimated that my background (born, in Leftcoastia, and raised to be progressive Democrat, deploring "those people", but having walked away, in 1980) gave me an unusual (for a non-progressive Democrat) insight, from long familiarity with the ideological assumptions and daily practice of progressive Democratism, and good reason for confidence that the progressives meant, really meant, that it was their way or the highway- they would brook no moderation, and no persons willing to see both sides. So, I could, while knowing I had very good reason for confidence, understand that others wouldn't have such good reason to see (that the progressives were the pigs, and reaching the point of feeling entitled to decide, during a pig only meeting in the farmhouse, to send Boxer to the glue factory).

It's less understandable now, I think.


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