Thursday, February 11, 2021

The lying left (now filling the entirety of the Democrat suit they wear) accuse themselves

The central idea of the Trump Presidency can be described simply: push back. Or, as Trump literally said: "I am a counter-puncher." I think that claim, now proven, during 4 years of his presidency, accurate, goes much deeper than critics imagine. Consider it in the light of what constitutes legitimate self defense, and legitimate defense against aggression under the laws of war. It's a matter of record that the New Left declared, about 50 years ago, their intent to achieve "the revolution" (another word for insurrection), primarily by means of a "long march through the institutions" instead of the bomb-throwing, fighting in the streets campaign they advocated, and some attempted, during the '60s, and even later. That doesn't mean they gave up organizing "protest", but that such "protest" was not intended to itself directly achieve "revolution", but to aid the "long march" in gaining positions of power within the institutions from which they could achieve "the revolution" (comparatively) "peacefully" (a "soft coup").

Everything the House managers are accusing Trump of, without compelling evidence, has been the central aim of leftism in the US, to be achieved, in their words, "by any means necessary", during the last 50 years. Evidently Trump is a threat to the plans of that Democrat-skin suited leftism, now installed within the institutions, but that's not in itself a threat to the Constitution, because neither the physical structures of the institutions, or the persons who inhabit them, are the Constitutional government unless they are actually submitting to the Constitution, and are not, themselves, engaged in various forms of insurrection.

Of course leftism lied about all this, but, in their lying, and especially their emotionally manipulating false accusation campaigns (Alinsky rule 13), they also reveal the truth.

When skin suit Democrats accuse Trump's counter-punches of being "a threat to Democracy", they accuse the punches leftism has thrown, during 50 years I can personally recall, the more, and raise the legitimate question of whether it is in fact they who are engaged in actual insurrection.

Reckless Rhetoric is a Reckless Standard for an Impeachment Trial 


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