Thursday, November 21, 2019

Opossums seem to be everywhere! Which reminds me...

Once, I had a dog named Sam. We were on the road together. I raised him from an (abandoned) pup, and trained him to walk, off-leash, in the city (that's where we were, when he was a pup). Sometimes, when he was young, he would roam (Oakland, CA), and I would go looking for him. I can recall sitting in a coffee shop in the Lake district, on one such search, and, looking out the window, spotting him at the traffic light, waiting to cross the street. When the light changed, he crossed, with a gaggle of people.

But later, he and I, on the road, were walking along a sidewalk in Portland, OR, and a 'possum was flushed out of the shrubbery, practically under his nose, and fled across the street, through traffic. Sam was after him in a flash. Well, Sam was a fair sized dog, about bumper-high, so he was punted about 10 yards down the road by an oncoming car. I never saw a dog walk on tip-toe before, but Sam did, that day. The 'possum became 'possum road-kill. No great loss, it seemed to me at the time.

Sam and I went on about our business, such as it was.


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