Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Calumny Nancy rides again

My advice to Calumny Nancy, (rhetorical) decapitator extraordinaire, is to try to imagine how bad the administration effort to deal with these crises might have been if the over three year Democrat campaign, culminating in an entirely unjustified _impeachment,_ to damage the Administration, had been just a _little_ more successful. And how often she, and many other Democrat defamers would have answered catastrophe by pointing a finger and saying: "I told you so!"

If she can imagine that, I recommend that she next consider how much better off the country might be if the Democrats had spent more time actually attempting to build bipartisanship and less time making unsupported accusations, directed at "the enemy", of failure to demonstrate bipartisanship, and on many other styles of character assassination.

She has become, evidently, the embodiment of progressive Democrat, and the soul of progressive Democrat is, apparently, folly.


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