Thursday, April 23, 2020

An old joke of my invention (as far as I can recall)

An old man goes to a reunion. They hear speeches, and then file out for refreshments. "Oh yeah", says the old man, to no one in particular. "I paid for my dinner". Somehow, he is late in line, and can't find a clean plate. A old woman he doesn't recognize looks at him in something resembling disgust, and says, "you could wash a plate" (it's a convention of people from a place advanced in "progress", early). He could wash a plate, if he knew where the kitchen was, but, he doesn't attempt it. Happily, refreshments are pizza, so he folds a slice in half, and meanders around, looking at the people, and places, without finding a place to to be, or even sit down, among the people, chatting busily. Eventually, the old man stretches out on the floor to relax, and soon, everyone gets up to leave. Slowly, painfully, old people rise from their chairs, one old woman asks her husband "pull up?" Her husband chuckles, wearily, and embraces her to pull her the rest of the way to her feet. Then, the old man arises, smoothly,  from his prone position on the floor, as if by magic, in exactly the same way he did when they were all young. This attracts attention. People stare. Someone asks: "Aren't you old, too?" He replies, "I am, but, I'm an old marionette".


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