Friday, May 29, 2020

What's the difference between progressive and conservative?

I will take a stab at the simplest description of the two competing world-views (I'll call them progressive vs. conservative):

Progressive: Demonstrating
Conservative: Becoming

In the example of opposition to racism (I'll take it as given, for the purpose of argument, at least, that this is the correct position), the progressive purpose is to demonstrate superior opposition to racism. The conservative purpose is to be transformed by better understanding first principles- as a consequence the conservative becomes less racist.

Demonstrating is an attempt to influence.
Becoming is choosing to be influenced.

Demonstrating feels much less risky, because when we, ourselves are influenced, it may be for good, or ill, and the consequences benign, or dire, affect us directly (so, I recommend choosing your influences wisely). But avoiding the conscious choice of influence doesn't avoid influence, or the consequences, it tends to put that choice in the hands of others, who tend, arguably, to be those with a more hidden agenda.

Put more simply, the demonstrator, who learns to point fingers skillfully, in the desire to avoid having to answer the questions which can arise in the person who is pointed at, is in fact influenced- at least, to become a finger-pointer.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Looks like a national lynch mob, which is still a lynch mob when the targets are white, in blue uniforms.

If it's true that she "will not be at ease until I see to it that those officers are charged for the grievous murder of GEORGE FLOYD" then she is part of the problem. Just SAYING that is part of the problem, but not as much as "believing" it.

A police officer, especially, should understand the concept of due process, and the principle that every suspect is properly considered innocent unless proven guilty.

Yet, she has, in her words, convicted these officers of murder, in the kangaroo court of (manufactured) public opinion, without due process, apparently forgetting the essential principle that all men are created equal. All men includes white men, it includes white men wearing blue uniforms, and it includes white men wearing blue uniforms recorded on camera, looking bad. Those men have a right to due process, and a right to be considered innocent unless proven guilty.

Liberty under the law can't survive if too few people know better than to condemn people of looking bad while white in blue uniforms, even when the emotional manipulative groupthink is powerful.

The record of history is clear. Joining a rush to judgement in such matters is about as unlikely to help the people, which _includes_ black people, as can be. It will instead hurt our allegiance to first principles, and consequently hurt people, which includes black people.

My advice is to decline to join the lynch mob, every time.

The embarrassment, on the part of the young lady officer, and the reporter, which I think necessary to discuss publicly, because of the circumstances, is here:

Frank Somerville KTVU

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Is it the Coronavirus which causes economic devastation?

Is it the virus itself which causes the economic devastation, or is it the "cure", especially the kind of cure disproportionately ordered by proponents of massive government imposed "lockdowns", payed for with "other people's money"?

Is the "leadership" in places like New York motivated to choose policy which actually creates a more desperate situation, in order to compel the Federal government to give them more "cure", in a kind of: Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

Friday, May 08, 2020

The left has always been at war with freedom of speech, and assembly, and...

Protest is like "free speech". In the '60s, when the new left began the "free speech" movement, they demanded it loudly and repeatedly, shielding perverse, disruptive, and offensive behavior (the better to advance a leftist political agenda) under its protection, but now that the leftist pigs are living in the farmer's house, they've always been at war with "dangerous" expressions, and "dangerous" assemblies.


Monday, May 04, 2020

Governor Gavin hopes everyone has a happy trip

Governor Gavin is perhaps like the captain of a love boat of pandemic leftist lunacy. Except this ship of state doesn't see any other places, while it's going nowhere. It kind of busily declines, in the parts people (who matter) prefer not to see, toward insubstantiality, while advertising the opposite, in a way which those who do real work recognize, uneasily, as a kind of apparition of consequences. Gradually "evolving", apparently, from love boat into a kind of Stationary Dutchman.