Monday, December 27, 2021

Now there are _four_ kinds of lies! Because that's progress(ive)!

1. Lies.

2. D-d lies.

3. Statistics.

4. FC ("Fact Checks").

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Mobile Solar Power Testbed gets an 1100 Watt Electric Cooking Element

 I received a hotplate yesterday, which isn't, perhaps, the perfect match with my KickStarter purchase of a $100 pair of compact cooking utensils (in the foreground, a frying pan which doubles as a saucepan lid, in the background, a saucepan which doubles as a frying pan lid), but it was $12, has no electronics, and could double, in the future, as an 1100 watt load resistor, a heater, or other things, and for now, can make breakfast!

The noodles are from 1/2 a pack of ramen, seasoned with dashi, pre-soaked in a little (too much, I wasted power cooking them down) on top of garlic and artificial crab.

Lunch was Trader Joe's pre-cooked roast beef slices, fried with mushroom, garlic, and onion, in a hot-dog bun (well, two hot-dog buns, they were small), toasted on the bottom of the (non-stick) frying pan. Power used, for that, and to make 2 liters of green tea: 810 Watt-hours (probably it would have been nearer 800 if I had dumped the excess ramen water), not counting conversion losses in the 24V to 120V inverter. That compares favorably with cooking in a 700 Watt microwave, which, in my experience, cannot produce as palatable a result. I estimate that amount of power requires about 300 watts of solar panels on a reasonably (not perfect) sunny day around here (SF Bay Area). I had twice that much out today (rain is coming).

Sunday, December 12, 2021

What progressive Democratocracy calls "truth" is getting pretty far "out there"

After spending about the last dozen years studying these things (social life, including current events) it's starting to feel a bit like (a TV series which I have preferred to mostly not watch, because every time I do, I am reminded why I have that preference, called) The X Files out there, except, the progressive Democrat institutional leftist chic elite wants to believe, they demand that I believe, and I don't want to believe (the lies they call "truth").

Adam Carolla: News outlets outraged that Smollett lied all along