Monday, December 30, 2019

People whose behavior and/or appearance makes their sex difficult to guess provoke, in me, if not feelings of lack of safety, certainly discomfort (I am a tech guy, with a tech guy's notoriously poor social skills, I find discovering what I am expected to say, socially, something of a challenge even when the sex of the person I am supposed to interact with is clear), and, lately, thoughts that I should consider the real risk of harm if I fail to navigate the minefield of pronoun expectation perfectly.

Guests wanted. Candace Owens need not apply.

Democrats believe in a "living Constitution", where "living" means OK to hack into pieces, then rearrange the pieces, replacing most with whatever piece of old-world tyranny (which the Constitution was designed to differ from), suits their fancy,

Speaker Nancy "she'll cut your head off" Pelosi and her cackle of, eh, "Representatives" aren't trying to remove everything good about US principles of government, they're just redecorating!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I left the left about 40 years ago, because, while leftism produces gifted, and practiced, accusers, it doesn't produce a plausible case that it is better fit, or even close to as fit, to rule as what it accuses.

I registered Republican and voted for Ronald Reagan, the country turned better, my life turned better, and, I have had since no reason to doubt the wisdom of that decision, although my material situation has taken a significant turn for the worse since Silicon Valley turned to dot com Valley, "a very left-leaning place", where a Reagan Republican is "overqualified" and "not a good fit for the corporate culture".

I guess I learned some things in the last 40 years. One of them is that leftism accuses, but doesn't care if the accusations are valid.

So, when leftism accuses "the enemy" of dividing the country, it means that leftism accuses, because that's leftism SOP.