Monday, March 28, 2022

The most apparently real (though likely a publicity stunt) thing to happen at the Oscars in years was really Trump's doing?

 Trump did have something to do with revealing to more of the people what mindlessly watching the Hollywood institutional leftist chic elite show was doing to our republic, which, arguably, caused fewer people to vote for the institutional leftist chic elite show, at the ballot box, with their dollars, and with their eyeballs, which, arguably, is why Smith, and many other institutional leftist chic elite show players are upset, and need to calm down. So, Trump should tell them they need to calm down!

CNN Analyst Pulls Trump Into Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars Fray

Sunday, March 27, 2022

The one (Democrat) party government of California has caused me to care about dust.

The degenerating state of the state of California has lately become so obvious that I have taken to putting solar panels on the roof of my vehicle, and have engineered a (test) battery system capable of supplying electricity enough to operate a few important items, without benefit of any utility connection at all, should that become necessary.

But solar panels collect dust, and are difficult to clean without clambering. That is, mine have been, until I spotted the two-faced (seems apropos given current political events) mop linked to below at the local restaurant supply store, and purchased one.

Never let it be said that one (Democrat) party government in the state of California has accomplished nothing. Mussolini made the trains run on time, Newsom (same as the old scion) made me care about dusting.


Saturday, March 26, 2022

Open the Cargo Van Doors, Hal


I used a cheap (mainland, I think) Chinese lighter socket splitter, to connect two mobile coolers to one 24V source. The manufacturer included an LED, which is a feature, although it perhaps was intended to operate on a 12V system, and, I would gladly have done without it to have sockets which more reliably retain lighter plugs, especially plugs which connect mobile coolers. I'm afraid it can't do that.