Friday, June 10, 2022

Do the Democrats need an acronym for the 21st century?

They've demanded "Change!" They've escalated the rhetoric! They've impeached! They've gone Hollywood! But they don't have a TLA. 

 Republicans have "GOP" ("grand old party", I suppose, because they were the younger party).

 Libertarians have "POP" ("party of principle" I suppose, because they are the party of accusing everyone else of lacking principle).

 Should Democrats have "POF" ("party of fake" because _someone_ should have an acronym which explains)?

Democrats feel sure they must seize the narrative, at any cost

The Democrats have been gutted and skinned by leftism, which is now (metaphorically speaking, of course) walking around the political landscape wearing that skin. The result is the pigs (see: Animal Farm, by George Orwell) in donkey skin, doing what the pigs do, by any means necessary. That is, they are themselves everything they claim to hate. Consequently, every time the Democrat media escalates the rhetoric (quite frequently, now), they give us a clearer picture of who they really are.